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  • 04/01/15--10:28: Captain Blubber

  • Leaked promotional art of Captain Blubber: The Movie,
    starring the greato as Captain Blubber


    Captain Blubber is a KnowYourMeme moderator who is especially known for being one of the most hardworker users on the site, and using his powers wisely, making him one of the most loved users known for suspending people for existing.


    Blubber grew up on a unknown place from Canada. One day, someone give him the furry videogameBanjo Kazooie for N64, and played it until a character from the game caught his attention: Captain Blubber, a hippo who can’t swim. Blubber instantaneously liked the character and made it his role model, going everwhere shirtless, with a pirate hat and a cardboard cutlass, but his family and friends (LOL) made an intervention to him, finally convincing him to drop the pirate costume. At some point in his life, Blubber discovered beer, and nowadays it’s the only thing he drinks, uses to cook and shower with.

    One day, Don gave him supermemetic powers, and asked him if he would want to join him on a journey to meme on the whole world. Blubber accepted because he was drunk and bored, but he never imagined he would have as companions an antrophomormic rabbit,a neo-nazi brone, and a weeb, so he drinks to forget he hates all his partners. Nowadays, he works as a cover at Toys R’Us, where he discusses with little girls about MLP and throws them beer cans if he sees he’s losing.

    Le Ebin Brone Rifle

    Le Ebin Brone Rifle is Blubber’s signature weapon, created at Spiral Mountain. As the name says, it’s a rifle that is epic and kills bronies. Blubber created this weapon after a bronie accidentaly his Banjo Kazooie cartridge, so he promise himslef he would vanish bronies from Earth. Tomberry, another pony detractor, joined him on his journey, although they haven’t kill any bronie because Blubber is always drunk and he can’t aim, and Tomberry has no “ebin brone” weapons to kill bronies.

    Will they accomplish they objective? See it on Captain Blubber: The Movie! Soon on all theaters.

    Special thanks to Samekichi for the avatar draw and the greato for his great cosplay

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  • 04/01/15--11:22: 2015 April Fool's Day
  • Background

    On April 1st, 2015, various websites and online services released gag videos, products and features in honor of April Fool’s Day.

    Notable Examples

    Google Pranks

    Keeping up with their annual tradition, Google unveiled several gag products across many of its platforms. A Pac-Man mode was released for Google Maps,[1] allowing users to play a modified version of the arcade game using streets as custom playable levels (shown below, left). The search was horizontally flipped as if it were being read in a mirror (shown below, right).

    A promotional video for the gag product “Smartbox,” a physical mailbox that is connected to a Google account, was uploaded to YouTube (shown below, left). The Google Fiber team released a parody promotional video for a fake dial-up Internet service (shown below, right).

    In the mobile version of the Chrome web browser, Google unveiled the “#Chromeselfie” button, allowing users to take reaction selfie photographs while browsing the Internet with their mobile devices (shown below, left). On YouTube, a music button was added to video pages which plays a sample of the song “Sandstorm” by Darude (shown below, right).

    Reddit’s “The Button”

    Reddit unveiled the /r/thebutton[2] subreddit, featuring an interactive button that counts down from 60 seconds. If the button is clicked, the counter would reset and could only be clicked once by accounts created prior to April 1st, 2015.

    Amazon Dash and Retro Homepage

    On March 31st, Amazon released a promotional video for the Amazon Dash electronic device, which allows users to order replacement household items by pressing a button on a Wi-Fi connected device (shown below). While many speculated it was an April Fools Day joke, the company insisted it was a real product.

    On April Fools Day, Amazon updated their homepage with a retro theme based on the site’s design from 1999, which would revert to the current website when clicked (shown below).

    LinkedIn Magic Mirror

    LinkedIn published a blog post[3] announcing the “Magic Mirror” gag service, which reveals the secret career goals in a user’s profile photo (shown below).

    Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge

    The consumer electronics company Samsung announced the gag product Galaxy BLADE Edge,[5] a smart phone so thin it can serve as a cooking knife (shown below).


    The Domino’s pizza delivery company announced it would be rolling out a fleet of driverless drone delivery vehicles (shown below).[4]

    Uber Car Shop and Uber Boat

    Uber released a fake promotional video for a product catalog filled with gag items available to purchase while riding in an Uber taxi (shown below).

    Additionally, Uber[6] announced the launch of the UberBOAT service in Thailand, which would provide boat taxis on the streets on Bangkok.

    Hulu Pets

    Hulu introduced a new collection titled "Hulu Pets, providing video content aimed at entertaining household pets, including the parody shows Clawed City, The Real Pugs of Portland, The Bark and Bone Appetit.

    CERN Confirms Existence of the Force

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)[7] reported that researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had discovered evidence for the “Force” energy field from the Star Wars franchise.

    External References

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  • 04/01/15--12:21: Riff Raff
  • Riff Raff is a board on the KYM forums which plays host to a load of bullshit, akin to 4chan’s /b/ board. It’s user base consists of sassy mods, 12 year olds, neckbeards, and the occasional munchkin.

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  • 04/01/15--12:55: Etika's DONG

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  • 04/01/15--13:03: The KYMtheon
  • About

    The KYMtheon refers to the primordial group of deities that have existed since the beginning of time, and have since been locked away within the inter-dimensional prison/meme documenting site Know Your Meme.


    The KYMtheon has been known by many different names by many different cultures. The last prior known name was the The Triumvirate. The Triumvirate was eventually defeated by the Meme God himself, Don, whom then created the website Know Your Meme to entrap them and their chaotic energy, known as memes. After this the Triumvirate was believed defeated. However not long after this two heads of the Triumvirate would return in the forms of Super Robo Jesus and The Cheeto. Don was quick to defeat them and send them to the shapeless abyss known as the Deadpool. Don waited in longing for the third head of the Triumvirate to rear it’s lewd head, and so it did. After being revived by the power of the Hentai Quotes gallery Goat-tan was born. Goat-tan quickly took control of most of Know Your Meme by tricking Don to engage in a co-op playthrough of Battletoads. Goat-tan proceeded to release both Super Robo Jesus and This Cheeto, forming the KYMtheon.

    Conquest of Know Your Meme/Defeat By Don

    The KYMtheon quickly conquered most of Know Your Meme and enslaved most of it’s userbase. The Mods were the only ones who were able to avoid capture. They prayed to Don to return whom was still stuck in his Battletoads trance. However, the anguish of his people awakened Don to the reality of what was happening. Don immediately returned to Know Your Meme and gathered the Mods to lead an assault on The KYMtheon’s base, The Church of Battletoads. Using the battle below as a distraction, Don flew and crashed through the roof and landed in front of The KYMtheon. Don quickly re-Deadpooled both SRJ and Cheeto, leaving only Goat-tan left. Don then grabbed Goat-tan and whispered in her ear the famous quote, “Get Memed on.” Don then proceeded to violently rape Goat-tan until she surrendered control of Know Your Meme back to the users.

    Don: Head of the KYMtheon

    Immediately following the battle, Goat-tan was so infatuated by Don’s secret lewdness that she pleaded with him to become the head of the KYMtheon and use the power of the memes for his own goals. Don pondered this for sometime before accepting. Now with Don’s power leading the KYMtheon there is nobody who is safe from getting memed on.



    Don is the leader of the KYMtheon and the one who has the power to meme on anyone and everyone. He will reign for a thousand years. May all who oppose him burn in the Deadpool. Amen.


    Goat-tan is the deity worshiped by the Church of Battletoads, and the progenitor of all things lewd. Her favorite pastimes involve rape and playing the NES game Battletoads.

    Super Robo Jesus

    Super Robo Jesus was the first deity to form after the destruction of the Triumvirate and the first to fall to Don’s wrath. He deadpooled for your sins.

    This Cheeto

    This Cheeto is now a meme.

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  • 04/01/15--14:14: Lez Huarez
  • About

    Lez Huarez was KYM’s God of shitposting, blesséd be his name. He most of the time shitposted in the MLP gallery until he received the banhammer in 2014 by hothead moderators.


    He joined this site in Don-knows-when and he got banned in 2014, enough said.


    This user is still remembered to this day with people still shitposting in the MLP gallery.

    Notable Shitposts

    Note (epic usage of Comic Sans )

    The terrible quality of the entry is 99.9% intentional as a tribute to his shameless shitposting. Totally. apply for editorship you numbnuts

    “My greatest dream is a world without pone” – Lez Huarez

    Rest in Pizza

    He was an hero

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  • 04/01/15--14:33: Mr. Grirch
  • About

    The Grirch is a nice guy created by Canadian God IN SPACE. He hates Jews and Jew-like entities


    In the beginning there was Dike. Through this Dike we discovered Kike. It was then, ANDONLYTHEN, that we could create a breakfast cereal with a perfect mixture of chocolate crunchiness and mashmallowy goodness that’s a part of this balanced breakfast.

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  • 04/01/15--14:48: A Funny Dog Eat A Pepsi
  • a funny dog eat a pepsi

    11/11 best meme the internt has to offer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • 04/01/15--15:02: Wew Lad
  • About

    “Wew Lad” is an obfuscatory expression associated with circle jerking or shitposting, which is often accompanied by a poorly-drawn illustration of a man’s face on a piece of toast or a digitally altered picture of Doge Shiba Inu Kabosu.


    On December 14th, 2012, the network security blog SecurityMatters[3] reported that a 13-year-old student from Philippines was murdered for replying to a Facebook post with the word “wew.” The earliest known use of the phrase “wew lad” was submitted in a thread on 4chan’s /s4s/ (shit 4chan says) board on December 14th, 2013.


    On May 29th, 2014, the single serving site Wew Lad[2] was launched, featuring a photoshopped picture of “Doge”: with an animated piece of toast with a face drawn on it spinning in the center and a remix of the theme song from the television show Hawaii Five-0 playing in the background.

    Search Interest

    External References


    [2]Blazeti-me – Wew Lad

    [3]Security Matters – Teenage Boy Killed For Wew Facebook Comment

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  • 03/29/15--06:10: Do You Think I Give a Heck

  • About

    Do You Think I give a Heck, is a a series of captioned stock photos of 3D smilies. The original Facebook posts, as well as screenshots of the posts, are popular on 4chan and Tumblr.


    The original 3D emoticons were uploaded to Daz3D under the name “EmotiGuy” arround 2012.[4] A Facebook community was created on March 4th, 2013,[1] dedicated to posting 3D smilies and phrases about “not giving a heck”. The page has been dormant since December 28th, 2013; it’s received almost 18,000 likes as of March 2015.


    Screenshots of the posts on the Facebook page perpetuate on sites such as 4chan and Tumblr. 4chan’s /v/ board, theoretically devoted to video games, currently has over 120 posts featuring the words “don’t give a heck”[3] in its archives.

    Despite the dormancy of the original Facebook page, screen shots and the images themselves also remain popular on Tumblr. A Tumblr post by used clusterfuck the blog dated November 19th 2013, has 472 notes.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    not available at this time

    External References

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  • 03/30/15--08:57: Japanese Honorifics
  • About

    Japanese Honorifics are suffixes used in Japanese language to address or refer to different types of people. They are often used online by anime or Japanese culture fans.


    While the first instance of their use online in unknown, honorifics are an important part of the Japanese sociolinguistics. Normally they are used when one is referring to one’s interlocutor, as using on oneself is often seen as arrogant. Dropping the honorific implies a high degree of intimacy and this action is often reserved for close friends, one’s spouse, or social inferiors (for example, a teacher addressing his students). The honorifics fall into three different categories depending on the type of speech the speaker is using (shown below).


    Some honorifics were popularized within the Western audience thanks to anime fansubs and manga fan scanlations, in which they are often featured. These usages predate their online usage.

    Japanese honorifics are in wide conversational use on anime fan-boards and forums, and their use has spread to other subjects where users might have an overlapping interest in anime, including the user forums of and the chat boxes of Twitch.

    Notable Examples


    -Chan is a diminutive suffix, normally used on little girls and cute things.[4] On the Internet, it’s normally used as suffix on nicks given to cute girls or characters, like Creepy Chan or Ebola-Chan.

    -Tan, a children’s slurring of the -Chan, is also used in this context, and often featured in website anthropomorphism.


    -Senpai (or -sempai) is a suffix used to address students in higher grades than oneself in school.[5] The use of senpai relation with students as a common topic on romantic manga and anime spawned a series of parodies related to the catchphrase I hope senpai will notice me.


    -San is a suffix used as a way to show respect. The closest English analogues are the honorifics “Mr.”, “Miss”, or “Mrs.”[6] On the Internet, it’s normally used as a generic way to refer to Japanese people, since it is the most common honorific. Translator San and Aka-san are some examples of its use.

    -Sama is a more honorable version of -San, often used to designate someone even more honorably.


    Sensei is a suffix used to designate the master of any profession. It is often used to refer to people who are teachers or scholars by adding it to their end of their name or surname. Sensei can also be used as a direct address, without any name at all. Online, the usage is similar to the real world usage, however sensei often used sarcastically to refer to someone who is actually a noob.

    A commonly used phrase is “Teach me Sensei,” which is then attached to either an image of someone having great success at dating or sexual conquest, or an image of someone making a foolish mistake. As of March 2015, content sharing site 9Gag[8] had 81 entries using the word in the title.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]TVTropes – Japanese Honorifics

    [2]Animanga Wiki – Japanese honorifics

    [3]The Mary Sue – Otaku Dictionary: Japanese Honorifics

    [4]Urban Dictionary – Chan

    [5]Urban Dictionary – Senpai

    [6]Urban Dictionary – San

    [7]Urban Dictionary – Sensei

    [8]9Gag – Search: Sensei

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  • 03/30/15--10:44: Iggy Azalea Rapping Nonsense
  • [work in progress, feel free to request editorship]


    Iggy Azalea Rapping Nonsense, also known by the hashtag #StopIggy2015, refers to a Vine clip of the Australian rapper improvising an a capella rendition of her 2011 self-released hip hop single “D.R.U.G.S” during her performance at a concert in 2013. Following the late emergence of the video clip in March 2015, it spurred a host of remix and mashup videos mocking her perceived lack of rapping skills both on Vine and YouTube.


    The original footage of Iggy Azalea performing “D.R.U.G.S” at the 2013 European hip hop music festival Splash! in Ferropolis, Germany was uploaded by YouTuber ItsIggyIgz on December 28th, 2014, only days after another clip of the rapper performing an awkward freestyle verse on the morning radio program Sway In The Morning surfaced on Vine. Within three months, the full-length video on YouTube garnered more than 317,000 views.


    A short vine clip of the video was posted by user damn tommy on March 16th, 2015, and in two weeks received 22 million loops, 75k likes, 34.2K Revines, and 6,021 Comments.

    On March 17th, the video was featured on many popular blogs, including Mashable[1], New York Magazine’s “Vulture” blog[2], and the Huffington Post[3]. Remixes and repurposed sound-bytes of the piece began to appear on Vine using the hashtag #StopIggy2015. There are now more than 500 posts with this hash tag. Some of the most popular vines have almost as many loops as the original, with the most popular, by user Don Jesus[4], nearing 20 million loops in five days.

    On Twitter[5], user @desusnice posted a video attempting a humorous translation of the rap, which received 827 retweets and 834 favorites in three days.

    Notable Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Mashable – Baffling Vine of Iggy Azalea rapping will make you question everything

    [2]Vulture – Can You Guess What Iggy Azalea Is Rapping in This Ridiculous Vine?

    [3]Huffington Post – What Is Iggy Azalea Even Rapping In This Vine? No One May Ever Know

    [4]Vine – User: Don Jose

    [5]Twitter – User: Desus Nice

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  • 03/30/15--10:44: Grimes

  • About

    Grimes is the stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter Claire Boucher, who has gained a large following and critical acclaims online for her eclectic and experimental style of music that draws influences from a variety of musical genres, including electronica, pop, hip hop, R&B and noise rock.

    Online History

    In 2007, Boucher created a Myspace[8] page for her music titled “Grimes,” which was named after the popular British music genre. In January 2010, she released her debut studio album Geidi Primes. In September, her second studio album Halfaxa was released. In January 2012, Grimes was signed on the label 4AD Records and released her album Visions to critical accalim. On March 2nd, the music video for her track “Oblivion” was posted to the GrimesVEVO YouTube channel, gaining over 15 million views and 13,000 comments in the next four years (shown below, left). On August 22nd, the music video for her single “Genesis” was released, garnering upwards of 26 million views and 34,000 comments within three years (shown below, right). In 2013, Grimes was named “Artist of the Year”[10] at the annual Webby Awards ceremony.

    Social Media Presence

    As of March 2015, several official Grimes social media accounts have been created, including a Facebook[3] page with more than 720,000 likes, a Twitter[4] feed with over 273,000 followers and the Actually Grimes Tumblr.[2]

    Related Memes


    “Grimeth” is an alternate spelling of Grimes, which is often used by 4chan users on the /mu/ (music) board to mock the artist’s lisp.[6][7]

    Grimes Love Mayonnaise

    “Grimes Loves Mayonnaise” is an expression used to poke fun at Boucher’s habit of eating mayonnaise, despite claiming that she eats a predominately vegan diet.

    Close-Up Photograph

    Critics of Grimes often post an unflattering close-up photo of the artist in order to troll her fans on various imageboards and discussion forums.

    Personal Life

    Claire Boucher was born in Vancouver on March 17th, 1988 and is of Québécois, Ukrainian and Russian descent.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Wikipedia – Grimes

    [2]Tumblr – Actually Grimes

    [3]Facebook – Actually Grimes

    [4]Twitter – Grimezsz

    [5]Grimes Music – Official Website

    [6]Rebecca Black Tech – /mu/ – Music

    [7]Rebecca Black Tech – Search for grimeth on /mu/

    [8]Myspace – Grimes

    [9]Wikipedia – Grime music

    [10]Webby Awards – 2013 Webby Award Winner

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  • 03/30/15--11:19: #WearYellowForSeth
  • Overview

    #WearYellowForSeth is a hashtag campaign launched by five-year-old Seth Lane to raise awareness for his condition severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID) by urging people to post photographs of themselves wearing the color yellow in late March 2015.


    On March 10th, 2015, Leanne Lane uploaded a video titled “#WearYellowForSeth,” featuring her five-year-old son Seth holding several signs asking viewers to post photos of themselves wearing yellow with the hashtag “#WearYellowForSeth” on March 27th to raise awareness for SCID (shown below).

    Notable Developments

    On March 11th, 2015, the ourlittleheroseth YouTube channel uploaded a second “#WearYellowForSeth” video (shown below). On March 17th, the video was highlighted on BuzzFeed.[1] On March 19th, the single topic blog WearYellowForSeth[5] was launched, which highlights social media posts containing the hashtag “#WearYellowForSeth.”

    #WearYellowForSeth Day

    On March 27th, the band A Blank Slate posted a music video dedicated to Seth titled “Thumbs Up” (shown below).

    The same day, actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted a video showing support for Seth, gaining over 2,800 favorites and 1,700 retweets in the next 72 hours (shown below).

    Meanwhile, singer Joe Jonas[3] of pop group The Jonas Brothers tweeted the hashtag along with a photo of himself wearing a yellow shirt (shown below, left). Also on March 27th, comedian Craig Ferguson[4] tweeted a photograph of himself wearing a yellow Pikachu costume with the hashtag (shown below, right).

    According to the Twitter analytics site Topsy,[6] there were over 29,900 tweets containing the hashtag posted that day.

    GoFundMe Page

    By the end of March 2015, Seth’s GoFundMe[2] page had accumulated more than £28,232 in donations.

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]BuzzFeed – A Bubble Boy Has Gone Viral

    [2]GoFundMe – Support Seth

    [3]Twitter – @joejonas

    [4]Twitter – @CraigyFerg

    [5]Wear Yellow For Seth – Wear Yellow For Seth

    [6]Topsy – #wearyellowforseth

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  • 03/30/15--13:23: Working!! / Wagnaria!!

  • About

    Working!!, known in America under the title Wagnaria is a Japanese 4-panel comedy manga written by Karino Takatsu, and later adapted into an anime by animation studio A-1 Pictures. The series has garnered a significant online fandom, particularly surrounding the show’s anime adaptation, spawning a number of fan works and sub-memes.


    Working!! follows the story of Sōta Takanashi, a 16 year old High school student who gains a new job working for local family restaurant Wagnaria, after being recruited by fellow student Popura Taneshima. While there, he meets a number of equally eccentric colleagues, including the androphobic waitress Mahiru Inami, Katana-wielding Chief of staff Yachiyo Todoroki, stoic chef Jun Satō and lazy manager Kyōko Shirafuji.


    Working!! first began as a 4-panel comedy manga written by Karino Takatsu and serialized in Square Enix’s Young Gangan manga magazine, first beginning in January 2005 before ending in November 2014, lasting for 13 volumes. An anime adaptation produced by A-1 pictures, also known for their work on shows such as Sword Art Online, also aired, running from April 4 to June 26, 2010 and lasting for 13 episodes. A second season was also created, running from October 1 to December 24, 2011, also lasting for 13 episodes. A third season has also been announced, and is planned to begin airing starting in July 2015.


    The manga received much popularity after it’s orginal creation, especially in Japan, where the fourth manga volume of was the seventh highest selling manga volume in Japan for the week of October 23 and October 29, 2007.[1] The sixth manga volume was also the sixth highest selling manga volume in Japan for the week of March 24 and March 30, 2009, selling over 73,000 volumes[2].

    Online Relevance

    In America, Working!! is licensed by NIS America, with the second season available for streaming on Crunchyroll[3]. The series has gained a large online following on many sites, including on Tumblr[4], 4chan’s /a/ (Anime and Manga) board[5], Facebook[6], Fanpop[7], My Anime List[8], and DeviantART[9]. There are numerous sites that provide episodic information about the series, such as the Working!! wiki[10], TV Tropes[11] and Anime News Network[12]


    The Working!! series has spawned a significant online fanbase since it’s creation, which has created much fanart and fanfiction. On the Japanese fanart site Pixiv, there are over 23,000 images tagged under “化物語”[13], as well as over 6,000 videos on the video sharing website Nico Nico Douga[14]. On DeviantART, there are also over 300 images tagged related to the series[15].

    Notable Sub-Memes

    X Plays The Tambourine

    X Plays The Tambourine refers to a series of MADs based on a scene from the ending sequence of the second season of the Wagnaria anime, featuring the characters of Yamada & Souma playing the tambourine while a confused Takanashi stands in the foreground. The scene garnered many parodies, featuring different characters from a number of other franchises.

    Someone Else / Working!! Season 1 Opening Parodies

    Working!! Season 1 Opening Parodies refers to a series of Anime Opening Parodies based around the opening to the first season of the Working!! anime, titled Someone Else. The parodies garnered popularity on sites such as Nico Nico, spawning many derivatives.

    Coolish Walk / Wagnaria Season 2 Opening Parodies

    Working!! Season 2 Opening Parodies refers to a series of Anime Opening Parodies based around the opening to the second season of the Working!!anime, titled Coolish Walk. The parodies garnered popularity on sites such as Nico Nico, spawning many derivatives.

    Am I Poplar Yet

    Am I Poplar Yet refers to a phrase which has gained popularity within the Working!! fandom, in reference to the character of Popura Taneshima, who was named after the Poplar tree in hopes she would grow up to be tall, ironically contradicting her short height. Because of this, the phrase gained popularity, with much fanart being created featuring the character with Poplar plants. The phrase also gained popularity among the “Katawa Shoujo”: fandom, due to the character of Emi, who at the time was considered the least popular character, often being associated with the phrase “Am I popular yet”, which was often mistyped as “Am I poplar yet”.

    Various Examples

    Search Interest

    External References

    [1]Anime News Network – Japanese Comic Ranking, October 23–29

    [2]Anime News Network – Japanese Comic Ranking, March 24-30

    [3]Crunchyroll – Working!!

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    [13]Pixiv – Working!!!!

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    [15]DeviantART – Wagnaria

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    Ellen Pao’s Gender Discrimination Case (Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins) was a lawsuit filed by American corporate attorney and executive Ellen Pao against her former employer and venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in May 2012. Upon the beginning of the trial in February 2015, the case drew much online attention due to her current position as the interim chief executive officer of Reddit and sparked debates on the issue of gender discrimination in the technology industry.


    On May 10th, 2012, Ellen Pao filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), one of the largest most well-known venture capital firms based in Silicon Valley, California. In the lawsuit, Pao claimed that she was placed at a disadvantage in promotion by male junior partner Ajit Nazre with whom she had a romantic affair before it ended badly; the plaintiff alleged workplace retaliation and sought $16 million in lost wages and $144 million in punitive damages. Pao continued to work at the firm until October 1st, when she was allegedly fired from the firm, while KPCB disputed that the termination resulted from the plaintiff declining its offer of a new role in the management.

    Notable Developments

    Position at Reddit

    In 2013, Pao was hired at the social news website Reddit. On November 13th, 2014, it was announced that Pao would become the company’s interim CEO following the resignation of Yishan Wong.


    In late February 2015, the case went to trial at the San Francisco Superior Court before Judge Harold E. Kahn and a jury consisting of six women and six men. On March 27th, the jury announced their verdict in favor of Kleiner Perkins.


    Following the verdict announcement, journalist Lisen Stromberg posted a tweet praising Pao in spite of the loss along with the hashtag #ThankYouEllenPao (shown below).

    That day, some Twitter users tweeted the hashtag applauding Pao for bringing awareness to the issue of gender discrimination, while others critics used the hashtag to criticize Pao and her defenders (shown below).[3][4][5] On March 30th, Business Insider[6] published an article about the hashtag titled “People on Twitter say #ThankYouEllenPao.” The same day, Breitbart[7] published an article by staff writer Milo Yiannopoulos, which criticized Pao’s character, calling her a “bullying, vexatious opportunist.”

    Search Interest

    External References

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  • 03/30/15--20:50: Tokyo Drift in a Barbie Car
  • About

    Tokyo Drift in a Barbie Car refers to a FAIL video of a man sliding down a driveway on a battery-powered ride-on toy at a high speed shortly before losing control and crashing into a bush. Since entering circulation in 2006, the footage has gained notoriety as a memorable example of drift-driving in unconventional vehicles.


    On March 15th 2006, eBaum’s World user ebaum uploaded a minute-long video titled Super Power Wheels,[1] which shows a group of friends test driving a variety of Power Wheels-branded toy vehicles under difficult conditions, including one of a young man sliding down a slippery road on a Barbie-themed Corvette for kids. On the following day, the video was uploaded to YouTube (shown below).


    That same month, the Barbie Corvette drift scene from the video was made into an animated GIF (shown below, right), with the earliest instance posted on a Russian GIF catalogue site[2] on March 24th.

    On March 25th, YTMND user HACaboose made a site titled “Barbie Corvette Crash”, reusing the animation and adding the captions “No Brakes! No Brakes!”[3]. As of March 2015, its has gained a over 21,000 views. While not starting any lasting fad on the website, the animation was still used in at least 8 other YTMND sites between March and August 2006[4]. Then on June 7th, 2006, YTMND user deadlyevans uploaded a site named “lol, Tokyo Drift?”[5]. While being part of the Lol, Internet fad, the title is also a reference to 2006 movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, released three days prior. As early as January 12th, 2007[6], a demotivational image macro with the caption “Tokyo Drift, You can’t do it in a Barbie car” began circulating online (shown below).

    Between June 2007 and May 2008, this version became incorporated into at least three additional YTMND sites. One of the most well-known instances is a derivative of the Epic Maneuvers fad titled “Epic Tokyo Drift Maneuve,r”[7] which has accumulated more than 21,000 views as of March 2015.

    Various Examples

    External References

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  • 03/31/15--01:21: Follow The Damn Train, CJ!

  • About

    “Follow The Damn Train, CJ!” is a memorable quote uttered by the character Big Smoke during a mission in the 2005 action video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.. Due to the frustrating difficulty of the mission, the quote is often referenced online by fans of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.


    In the GTA: San Andreas mission “Wrong Side of The Tracks”, the protagonist CJ and his partner Big Smoke are ambushed by the Vagos Gang at a train station. CJ is then ordered to chase down the escaping gang members who are on top of a train while Big Smoke attempts to shoot them down. The mission is completed once all 4 gang members are killed before the Train reaches the Fredderick Bridge that connects Los Santos with Las Venturas. Failing to do so will cause the mission to fail and prompt Big Smoke to yell “All we had to do was follow the damn Train, CJ!” (shown below).


    On October 13th, 2010, YouTuber qwert50 uploaded a video titled “Follow the Damn Train CJ,” which shows his failure in completing the mission due to getting hit by an incoming train.[2] In five years, the video gathered more than 234.000. On June 2nd, 2011, YouTuber Pocky Pocky uploaded a video titled “Follow the damn train yourself Smoke.” in which he plays the mission using a modified Sanchez that looks like Big Smoke (shown below). On September 18th, a forum thread titled “ALLYOUHAD TO DO WASFOLLOWTHEDAMNTRAIN CJ.” was posted on IGN that discusses the infamous mission.[4]

    On September 30th, 2014, 9Gag user DOGE23 uploaded a picture titled “All we had to do was follow the damn train cj!”, which accumulated over 21.100 points and 500 comments in six months.[5]

    Notable Examples

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    (Note: This Entry Contains Major Spoilers!)


    Interstellar Docking Parodies are a series of YouTube spoof videos featuring the climactic docking scene from the 2014 science fiction movie Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan.


    In the movie, after Dr. Mann tricks the spaceship captain Cooper and his crew into coming to his planet, he attempts to escape by docking his ship onto the team’s satellite. This attempt ultimately fails because Dr. Mann lacks the training to properly attach his ship onto the satellite. His error causes an explosion that tears some of the satellite apart, killing Mann instantly. Cooper then attempts docking on the satellite. He succeeds in a triumphant scene scored by Hans Zimmer and noteworthy for its special effects.


    On November 14th, 2014, reddit user submitted a post titled “Docking scene. [Spoiler]” on /r/interstellar. The post has since gathered 270 points and 129 comments as of March 2015[3]. In December, a similar discussion was started on 4Chan’s /tv/ board[4] and received over 50 comments.

    The first instance of the parody was on November 17th, 2014 by Youtuber Draftgon, titled “Interstellar imperfect usb dock (Imperfect Lock).” The video featured a dramatic re-staging of the scene, complete with soundtrack, substituting a USB cable and port for the ship and satellite. As of March 2015, the video has garnered more than 285,000 views[1].

    On November 26th, 2014, youtuber KazuyaPP uploaded a video titled “Interstellar Docking Scene [SPOILERS]” where he replicates the scene using a standing fan as substitute for the ship and the satellite. The video has received more than 526,000 views as of March 2015[2].

    Notable Examples

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    Working!! Season 1 Opening Parodies (Japanese: WORKING!!OPパロ) refers to a series of parody video remixes for the opening credit movie for 1st TV anime season of Japanese 4-panel comic strip manga series Working!! written by Karino Takatsu.


    The 1st TV anime season for the manga, Working!!, aired 13 episodes between April and June in 2010. Its opening theme song “SOMEONEELSE” was composed by Satoru Kousaki[1] who has also composed many songs for the famous animes such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star and Monogatari Series, and sung by voice actresses for the main characters Kana Asumi[2], Saki Fujita[3] and Eri Kitamura.[4] Additionally, this opening credit movie is known for the resemblance to "Soramimi Cake", the openig credit movie for Azumanga Daioh. That’s because the director for both of the movies is the same person, Kiyotaka Ohata.


    Parody videos reproducing this opening movie by MAD or hand-drawn animation became to be uploaded to the Japanese video sharing service niconico Douga (niconico) around the end of its first month.[5] And the song itself also owns instrumental covers on niconico.[6]

    On the other hand, videos in this parody video series have been often deleted due to copyright infringement by this anime’s copyright holder Aniplex because this child company for Sony Music Entertainment is very negative to reusing of their contents. Hence, the whole amount of videos in this series isn’t so large. And some of parody video creators use Hatsune Miku cover version[7] as the musical source to avoid deletions.

    Working’!! OP Parodies

    As well as “SOMEONEELSE”, The opening credit movie for 2nd TV anime season, “COOLISHWALK”, had its own parody video fad in the following year.

    For more information about that particular phenomenon, please check the KYM entry for Working!! Season 2 Opening Parodies.

    Various Examples

    Left: K-on! | Right: Shuzo Matsuoka

    Left: Non Non Biyori | Right: Hidamari Sketch

    Left: Love Live! | Right: Touhou Project

    Search Interest

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    External References

    Editor’s Note: Registration is needed to browse the original videos/illustrations listed in this section.

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